City Tax Delinquent List

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Hi Eric

Since you are in Parkville, I'm assuming you got the hard copy list of properties from Baltimore City.

If you find a property you want on that list, you can purchase the lien from the city  and contact an attorney to foreclose the rights of everyone in the chain to the property (After waiting till~October).  Be careful, there may be a reason those properties weren't picked up in the previous auction.  You'll have to pay $3k in attorney fees and next years taxes (and whatever the lien comes to.)   

Contacting the owner directly can be an challenge.  The main reason properties go to tax sale is people didn't get the bill because the address of record is wrong. 

It's a process.  It's not simple.  It's not without risk. 

@Erick Pinder it is not that easy. Most people don't just owe property taxes they also have a mortgage and may have judgments or other liens against them and the property. So just offering them a little more than they owe in taxes often wont work. 

That said, sometimes it does work. Call or send letters to these people. Just be aware these people are heavily marketed to and it will take a LOT of leads to get one deal.