Full service mortgage note brokers that do partials?

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I'm very new to real estate but am very fascinated with active mortgage notes.  Can any of you recommend any full service mortgage note sellers that will also do partials (under 10k)?  I am not wanting to invest a large amount until i get a little experience with a company that handles the heavy lifting.  I'm thinking Texas is the area i might be interested in and the type would be performing 1st lien notes. The no hassle cash flow website seemed interesting but again i'm still researching before i actually invest. Thanks!

Shea D.  

@Shea Davidson Why not just lend it vs buying a partial. You can have it secured by an asset and it’s mailbox money vs buying a partial and having to read the fine print of what happens if the note goes non - performing What types of returns are you looking for ?


Sorry for the delayed response i've been out of town.  Chris, i'm definitely not opposed to lending it but not sure for my first endeavor i want to spend over 10k until i get more familiar with the process.  I didn't really think there is anything worth having out there for 10k or less?  As far returns, i would be good with anything from 9-12%...even less if it was a solid deal.  Are there good deals out there for under 10k?