Alabama: Vacant vs Abandoned

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In discussing a property the other day it was pointed out that in taking possession of a property one must be certain that it REALLY is abandoned and not simply vacant. Is there some sort of accepted criteria for establishing the status? I know that querying the neighbors is a start but beyond that?

I think you can get a good answer from the people living next door if any coming to check on the property,  you can see if anyone keeping up the yard and outside maintenance of the house 

Thanks for the response Michael! The yard has not been tended in at least a couple of years. There is scrub where grass used to be. I am going down to get the yard cleaned and will check with any neighbors I cane find. Beyond that are there any suggestions?

once you start cleaning the yard the neighbors going to come out from everywhere to come over to the house to thank you for cleaning up the property lol and they going to tell you all you need to know so you want to be make sure you be there even if you paying someone else to do the yard work.

I suppose that would be a pretty good indication! Would you think anything if the house/yard have been empty and unattended for at least 3+ years? The weeds are now brush that touch the eaves.