Get Title Insurance on a Quit Claim Deed

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I was interested in buying a House from the City, but all there Properties come with a Quit Claim Deed, I understand what a Quit Claim Deed is but is it possible to get Title Insurance on a Quit Claim Deed

@Quinton Bogle

You can but there could be issues which could cause you to do a quiet title. Also check to make sure there are no other liens on the property etc.

This would all be done as a title report is pulled in order to confirm title insurance

To build on Chris Seveney's point, pulling a title report should be done prior to buying as part of your due diligence.   ( is a good source for these.)  This is just as important as inspecting the property itself.   You don't want own something that has significant outstanding liens on it, because you will have to pay them to clear title.  There can also be cases where you simply can't clear title without waiting out a redemption period or filing a quiet title suit, as is the case with many tax deed properties.  Do your homework first.  As long as there are no redemption period related issues, you should be able to get title insurance, even with liens attached.  (Because the insurance company will call them out in the policy as exclusions/exceptions in that case.)