Void sale? Alabama tax certificate

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My husband and I recently got into this. We acquired one property in Alabama at a tax auction. Google search shows the property owner at another address has been deceased two years. Wife still lives at other address and son at property that went for auction. From what I  understand wouldn’t this be a void tax sale? 

Looking forward to your input, I know @Denise Evans is the go to in the area. 

Will head to the court house to check records this week as well as using a title search- thinking ProTitle USA


@Janelle Fouquette Alabama has a redemption period of three years unless it is past the three year redemption delinquency. You need to check on when the year it went delinquent was. If you bid on one that was already past the redemption period then you need to make certain that you file your paperwork correctly. You will be on title along with the current property owner- son or deceased whomever and then you will be able to file fore foreclosure once the timeline is past. With that the owner or son has a time frame to pay you back with your interest.

Hi Janelle,

It sounds like you are on track to check the county records and the property research, that is always good. The owner that's defaulted will loose there property as you know. The laws of the state will tell you whether the family members can take over.


Ted Thomas