Alabama quiet title vs. judicial/lienholder redemption

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After the initial 3 year redemption period has passed at what point can a deed holder file a quiet title action and does that action "short circuit" the judicial and lienholder redemption periods?  I ask this as a hypothetical assuming ejectment letters and actions have not been completed for lack of response from taxpayer.

@Roger Gelpey , it is my opinion, and that of some experts, that you can quiet title if you have a tax deed and you are in undisputed exclusive possession.  Other experts think you cannot quiet title until three years after the tax deed date and possession. There is no appellate guidance on this.  

@David Connolly I thought so too (3 yr possession to QT w/a tax deed.  ) I’m going to follow this post by Denise and her opinion as there’s a lot of confusion on the tax deed. I’ll report back how it went. 

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I thought you had to have 3 years of possession to quiet title?

Update: I spoke with a few+ attorneys to complete a quiet title order and all denied moving forward stating we need 3 yrs possession AFTER the tax deed. I want to move forward with DIY QT but I don’t want to run the risk of a judge dismissing the qT order since it has not been 3 yrs since we received the tax deed.