NY now the most tenant friendly state?

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While working on processing a security deposit refund for a prior tenant i was surprised to learn that the deadline for returning these had recently been reduced to two weeks from a "reasonable" time (30-60 days). This is both annoying and unsurprising in our newly tenant rights org dominated state legislature. 

What other changes are you aware of or have concerns about the new laws? 

@Jacob Morgan Annoying but it doesn't sound like a big deal to me. I'm sure the fear of it getting worse for landlords is validated every time something like this happens. I have a bunch of rentals that my business partner doesn't want to sell yet. As much as I'm against this kind of thing, the worse it gets for landlords, the closer I get to my partner agreeing to sell, haha!

I love notes now but, in a way, I'm dealing with the same type of entitled mentality with the borrowers of the NPNs I buy. Go figure. At least we usually are clearly adversaries and the time commitment is limited. Every now and then, I get a borrower who meets me halfway and I'm happy that I can help someone out.

Never understood why anyone would ever get into rentals in places like NYC, Seattle, California, Chicago, DC, etc...Landlording is tough enough without having to deal with the ridiculous SJW attitudes of the politicians in these areas.  Sorry, but tenants ARE NOT entitled to the same rights as property owners.  Until they figure that out, less affordable housing will become available, and more and more people will be taking up residence in tents along their city streets...