File Alabama Tax Deed with Judge?

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Got a Tax Deed for a house in Jefferson County, Alabama!  Here are some questions that I need help with:

  • What is the process for filing the Deed with the County?  Did I read somewhere that it costs like $5?  Do I have to do it in person (I live out-of-state).  

  • When I got the Tax Deed there was a statement that I "needed to have the property Assessed as soon as possible."  What is that process? Is it necessary? 

Yes, all of that is necessary. You’ll file it with probate(filing fee is around $16) then you’ll walk down the hall to the assessor’s office and have the property assessed in your name. This is extremely important because you want to receive future tax bills and you want your name attached to the property as the owner. If you have a contact here, you can have them do all of that for you.

@Robert Sims , @Ebony King is exactly right.  You pay a filing fee based on the number of pages and the value of the property. The $5 you are thinking about is the fee when you surrender a tax certificate and receive a tax deed. That is just for the deed issuance, not the deed recordation.