Finding Property Sold at Tax Auctions??

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Does anyone know how to find out what properties had tax lien Auctions in the past years?

Is there a way I can look up properties currently in their redemption periods?

I am in Montana State.

Here in Texas the deeds filed are often referred to as Sheriff's Deeds. We have online (paid) title searches where we can search deeds. I'd check with a title company in your area or county clerk (recorder) to see if there is an easy way like that to search, if there is an online search vs going to the courthouse. You might also go to the law firm or sheriff or appraisal or tax district that handles the sales in your area and ask them if they have past list. Take cookies or leftover halloween candy for better results.

In SC I can look at the tax records online. It says tax sale in red for ones in the redemption period. Properties by law are advertised in the paper for 3 consecutive weeks prior to the auction. You may be able to find this online or get a copy of the paper for these dates. I have been able to find past tax sale lists online for other counties. Then you'll still have to look these properties up and see if they have been redeemed yet or not.

You could see if the county would just give you a list of current unredeemed properties under the freedom of information act. Sometime it takes an attorney to make this request before they will comply.

@Jess Kinzel

There is a web site that has leads based on tax sales and most of the properties there would be in their redemption period.

The site is investum - data . Com

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