PPR Note Fund Still Performing as Expected?

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I'm looking into an investment in PPR's current 8% income fund. I've read the fund offering docs, Dave's book, many other books on note investing, and plumbed the depths of BP and the internet for info on experiences with PPR. All of the reviews I've found are coming back positive, but they are several years out of date. Are there any current PPR fund investors out there that would care to comment on current performance and their thoughts on the future? PM is fine if you'd prefer not to do it publicly. Any insight is appreciated on this fund and/or others. Thanks, Aaron

@Aaron Petersen Nothing to add about that fund.  I've seen some material from the Money With Meaning Fund.  The team from Paperstac is involved with it.  Could be worth checking into as well.  I don't believe the MWM fund requires you to be accredited either.  You'll have to check that if it matters to you.  Good luck!