Whats a great place to find tax lien auctions, or sales?

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Talk to your local tax assessor and or the appraisal district office or visit their websites.   Often they are the first source...and you can start from there.  They may also have information posted at the courthouse or one of their offices.  

Sometimes they will refer you to attorneys that handle the sales for them, so you may get shuffled around a bit.

Also keep an eye out in the local newspaper for advertisements for sale.  They normally are required to post them there in most jurisdictions.

Also you might try a google search for your county and tax sale properties to see if that yields results.

Tax liens and Tax deeds are very different, so you need to learn about that....every state is different.   Know what you are buying.

You signature says you are a flipper.  That may prove to be difficult to do with tax deeds.  In Texas, for example you cannot get a title policy for ahile and there is a redemption period.  Both of these would affect being able to flip.  What statge are you in?

@Jay J. as others have said, the county property tax office is who to contact. Another option is to check some of the auction companies that do the auctions for the counties. Real Auction is one, Grant Street Group is another. 

First you need to understand the difference between tax liens and tax deeds and decide which investment method is better suited for what you want to do. Then see which one your state is (Deed or Lien).  If it's the one you want to invest in then go to the county government website  (usually the assessor's office) and find out how, where and when the auction is held. Then do a LOT of research so you know what you are doing.