“ Investor friendly” title companies in Washtenaw County?

5 Replies | Ann Arbor, Michigan

Looking for recommendations for “investor friendly” title companies in the county.

Have had luck outside the county, but have really been struggling to find title companies in around Ann Arbor that are comfortable with back to back closes, hard money loans, and other non-conventional types of closes.

Any help or suggestions would be appreciated thanks

Absolute Title is good in terms of price. Not sure how they are in terms of non-conventional types of closes. 

Tri-County Title in Plymouth on Sheldon is good to work with. They complete the needed work quickly, prices are good, and you get personal attention. I cannot tell you how many times I have worked directly with Bob Gillikin (one of the owners) directly on title work. Very straight forward guy and company, and after working with a lot of title companies in the Detroit area, I cannot tell you how much we appreciate working with Bob and Tri-County Title. 

We have always used Livingston Title located in Howell now, used to be Brighton. They have no issues working with hard money lenders that we use.  Let me know if you'd like contact information.