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Does anyone live and/or own in the Bryant neighborhood of Minneapolis?

As an out of state investor, my preference has always been duplexes and up but lately, I've seen some nicely refurbished SFRs in the Bryant neighborhood. If you do, I'd like to know there significant attraction to the neighborhood for families with kids or young couples starting out? I am researching the potential degree of difficulty of renting a 1300+ sq ft 3bed/2ba house. Obviously, the advantage (on paper) of a duplex over a SFR is how long the SFR might sit unrented as opposed to half a duplex sitting empty but I am stating the obvious. Any additional insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

I do not live or own in Bryant. However, I do have access to a good amount of information about the Bryant neighborhood. Let me know if you need any assistance.


I am buying my first duplex in a neighborhood close to Bryant.  These areas are decent, working class neighborhoods.  They are not the "hot" areas but those areas are hard to cash flow.  There is a lot of hipster types that live there, a new restaurant "The Tiny Diner" went up in the adjacent neighborhood which is popular and well- run.  Nearby Powderhorn has their own art fair.  There are people out during the day walking their dogs and biking.  All good signs!  Good luck to you!

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@Sam Steadman

I have started pulling preliminary title reports on a couple of properties in and outside of Bryant. There is one that was in contingency that has come back on the market. I am curious about it as there are a couple of liens on the property. I want to PM you a few of the highlights later on to see what you think. Thanks.

It's as an ok neighborhood. The further south you go, the better, and the further north you go, the worse. I bike through there all the time. I live about 10 blocks to the south and east. 

I think Bryant will be decent for rentals. It is not a hot area and probably not a gentrification area either for higher appreciation.     From a long term perspective, this entire area of south Minneapolis has been improving over the decades. 

I think Bryant is a pretty diverse working class neighborhood with a mix of cultures and economic standings.

To the south of Bryant, we have Field middle school which is one of the best middle schools in the city.  Nearby we have the Tiny Diner which is awesome, and on the west side of the freeway we have Martin Luther King Jr park, and the shops and restaurants on Nicollet (Pats Tap).

There is a wide range of desirability in this part of South Minneapolis with Northrop and Field neighborhoods being highly desirable class A or B+ types of neighborhoods to your south, and "Central" and west Powederhorn being a class C area. Central is particularly bad with many run down rentals in one small area.

In Bryant, I would expect some security issues if you hold this property for long.    Garage breakins to steal bikes, car breakins to rummage through the glovebox.  Occasional tagging of grafitti by youth gangs.    Occasional theft of laptop or TV through an unlocked window or screen door.  Plan for having to do some repairs.

When you research this property make sure you look at rental comps from Central, Powderhorn, Regina, Bryant, and Bancroft. If you stray too far away you may fool yourself into thinking you can get a higher rent amount, but the tenants may not feel it is worth it as I know lots of people who would not live there and many others who would find it is just fine.

I live 8 blocks south on Chicago

@Carl Petterson

Thanks for the pointers! Biking through neighborhoods definitely clues you in the the lay of the land!

@Marc Jolicoeur

Local knowledge rules! Fantastic summary - kudos and a vote for your informative post! Regarding Minneapolis, I have been studying the triangular area that has all these neighborhoods you mentioned from afar sprinkled in with yearly visits to see the lay of the land for myself. Specifically, the area I’ve looked at is that area bordered to the East by the light railway line, the airport to the south, the 35W fwy to the west and just below the 94/35W to the north on and off for about 2 years.

Understandably, local RE agents are loathe to classify neighborhoods according to desirability (IE:A,B or C) for fear of running afoul of “steering” laws so it’s very helpful to know that FIELD and NORTHROP are A & B neighborhoods. Funny how so called A/B neighborhoods can be nestled not too far from you know…

On the flip side, how much is (the smaller/across the river) St Paul similar to Minneapolis ? I’m specifically referring to Summit University , Thomas Dale (Frogtown), West Seventh, West side, Macalester - Groveland, etc ? Summit – University seems to be a top choice for folks who aim to own rental units in St Paul but I’ve noticed that multi unit properties pop up with lower frequency. Frogtown seems to be at the bottom of the rung but it still seems to thrive in terms of low vacancies. West Seventh is a little higher up the ladder and seems to do well also. I’ve driven through these neighborhoods and it’s interesting to compare what I thought about them to what locals know.Good stuff pal, thanks!

I cannot speak as specifically about the St Paul neighborhoods but I can probably give a few words on each:

- Summit University - strong demand due to being close to many colleges.  Area around Selby and Snelling is really good.  Demand growing because of the new soccer stadium being built nearby at Midway.

- Thomas Dale Frogtown - is the lowest area in terms of desirability but probably the best in terms of cashflow.   I would definitely consider this area, especially if close to the light rail line (4-6 blocks)

- West Seventh is an opportunity.  Potential area for gentrification. Lots of OLD houses (1800's).  I would look at the newer builds or properties you can totally renovate on top of a  new foundation.

- West Side - I am not a big fan.   It's probably a great rental area but I would not live there myself because I find it hard to get around.  Far from light rail and freeways.  Proximity to downtown is great tho.

- Mac/Groveland is very desirable.  Similar to Summit/University there is strong rental demand because of the colleges nearby.

A couple of similar areas to check out:

- The areas adjacent to Snelling and University is about to pop due to the new soccer stadium coming in.  It's going to be a great area and prices are still low there now.

- Watch for the Highland area just north of Ford Parkway. These are mostly single family but there may be pockets of duplexes and small apartments there too. Once the Ford plant is redeveloped, this will be a really great area too and will have better transit connections.

PM me if you need boots on the ground.... I have some extra time lately and always love looking at properties, taking pictures and video, etc...


As far as St Paul goes, you cross the river on 46th and you're in Highland where the home prices and rents are similar to the Minneapolis side. Safe as it gets.  You re good pretty much everywhere in Highland. 

On the North side of University Ave you're golden west of Lexington all the way to Minneapolis. Lexington going east to Dale is coming up yet still safe. Further east from Dale needs help but still safe. The blocks south of Universitiy and one or two north of it have issues at times. 

New stadium coming in at Snelling and 94 so the home prices should rise in the Hamline/Midway and Frogtown areas. The homes are cheaper and rents are only slightly less. 

Areas north of these neighborhoods like Como Park, St Anthony Park, Falcon Heights, Roseville are about as safe and stable as any place anywhere. 

If you want info on any specific areas of St Paul proper let me know.  Good luck. 

Very informative posting especially for a local from the northern Minneapolis inner city burbs! Thanks all for sharing insight!

I’ve seen quite a few threads on Minneapolis/St. Paul. I have to say that as short as this thread is, it has to be the most informative with regards to the lay of the land in the Twin Cities! Kudos to you all!

@Marc Jolicoeur

Thanks man! I will take you up on the boots on the ground conversation. Good call pal!

@Sam Sharma

Re: Snelling and 94. Is that the area between Minnesota State fair to the north and Macalester College to the south? Would it be possible to put a screen shot of the area you're talking about on here?

@Account Closed

I'm definitely going to look at the neighborhoods you mentioned. I know the twin cites fairly well for an "out of towner", but I have to say, I haven't heard of any of those neighborhoods. Nice!

@Francis A.

You see the blue dot on the upper left. that's my house in South St Anthony Park.  This screen shot is essentially the neighborhood I m going to focus on for my Investments. 

@Sean S.

Northrup and especially Field are A neighborhoods because of the livability factor.  Because of neighbors, they're real neighborhoods. @Marc Jolicoeur is correct about Field Middle School. I m a sub all over Minneapolis and that school and those parents and kids are as good as it gets. That I believe has to do with the neighborhood. Fulton, Linden Hills, Kenwood, Lowry Hill are A neighborhoods in value only. Yes of course the value of your home goes up, you can charge more rent, you can tear down and build and get ridiculous returns on your money. If that's your intention. 

The drawback however is that there is an isolation in those neighborhoods. Also, you d be surprised at the number of property crimes in Sourhwest. Or roving bands of marauders going block by block mugging morning joggers. It's the type of isolation where your front door can be kicked down and your house looted and no one in the neighborhoods notices. 

But I digress. Happy hunting good people. Excellent thread. 

@Sam Sharma

Regarding the isolation and property crimes in the SouthWest - WOW! I'll drive through the neighborhoods the next time I'm there. I can relate to the isolation aspect if these areas are anything like some of the suburbs in St Paul with wide open spaces. Bit thanks for the screen shot! That stadium should be something else when it's done. It looks like this place is about 6 miles from places like Concordia U, Mac College and Hamline U. Potentially a very good thing if the effects of the stadium spiral outwards and westward. 

Account Closed

I have put a list loosely reflecting the areas in terms of ranking? Am I close? Thanks




Linden Hills


Lowry Hill




[B- or C+]






University – Summit

Mac / Groveland



West Seventh??

[C & potentially looking up]

Thomas Dale (Frogtown)

I left out places like WESTSIDE. I've heard many times to bypass that area for now. Maybe one day eventually...

Summit-University is too big of an area to classify. There are parts on the east end of that hood called Cathedral Hill that are A.  And of course along Summit Ave or 2-3 blocks from Summit those are A.

However there are parts closer to the I-94 freeway and north of the freeway that are very dodgy, almost C.  Certainly B.

I lived and still own a duplex in Bryant on just north of 42nd Ave. I think the area is pretty nice and starting to gentrify. Its close proximity to a number of restaurants and a new Co-op. I've yet to have any problems with crime (knock on wood) or damage to my property. I had no problem finding great tenants, as its a short drive into downtown (where you can avoid highways) and bus lines are very close by. For the most part my block is very quiet, kids play outside and people are always walking around. I would certainly buy another property in Bryant.