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Hi @Michael Tempel!  Thanks for the input!  wow, 51% increase?  Was that immediately after buying it?  Can i ask for numbers on that?  how much is rent for different sizes of apartments like 3/2 or 2/1s?  Also, why do you think you were able to increase rent like that?  did you buy it and rehab it a lot, or was it just rented below market when you bought it?  sorry for throwing all of those questions at you, but that's a huge increase in rent, and i'm curious!

Also, if I can ask one more question; I see you're a property manager in the area. What do you think a nice looking 4/2 SFH with anywhere from 1400-1800 sq ft could rent for in northeast near central ave? I know there a lot more variables that go into that, but I'm just hoping for a decent guesstimate.

Thanks for everything!