Looking for a buyer agent to represent me.

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I've been seriously looking at properties for the past few weeks now, and have come to the conclusion that my current RE agent is a bit too busy to focus on me.  No hard feelings there, as I'm sure I'm not the biggest fish in his pond.

I'd like to find someone Mpls area that are specific to representing buyers, looking to find a deal for a flip.  I'm specifically focusing on west suburbs, calhoun/uptown area, and southern suburbs.

Conventional financing in place, as well as private money for rehab.  If you are interested in working together, please shoot me a direct message and let me know about yourself.

Also if anyone else has worked with agents that they feel could help me out, please send me a referral.

Thanks everyone,


@Chris Johnson

i would seldomly consider an agent for finding my flips. I would consider about a dozen though. What you need to find are off market or pocket listings. Anything on the MLS database is trying to fetch the highest price for a move-in ready location.

If an agent can find something flip ready, it will be a needle in a haystack. We have about 4 flip ready houses in my home county. None of them i would wish on a first time home buyer or 1st time renovator.

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