MPLS 2040 comprehensive plan and how landlords can add more units

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@Pavel Ushakov

Thanks for the link. That is great that they published this. My plan will be to add a couple interior ADU's and some carriage house/detached ADU's. Haven't decided how many yet as I'm selling a 4 plex to get the cash to finance them. My goal is to build as many as I can within the feasible $/space. I am trying to set it up so they end up as a 1% rule so we are refining the size/cost/bedrooms. Since it's only duplexes and not triplexes that can add an ADU, we're limited to 1/2 of our holdings since we own 2,3, and 4 unit rentals.

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This one is better, has language- and then this one is more a visual guide from star tribune-

@Joseph Walz

Actually, this should be what I focus on-

Minneapolis final 2040 comp plan- page 165

Allow Accessory Dwelling Units (ADUs) on both owner occupied and non-owner occupied property, develop a set of ADU templates that meet City codes to ease ADU construction and allow the use of tiny homes and other alternative housing as ADUs .

Do you know if any of it was enacted in last weeks council ordinance changes?.... (they mentioned cohousing in pg 165). I helped create the Intentional Community ordinance that passed Dec. 2017 to bypass zoning laws

@Bruce Runn undefined

@Bruce Runn Just curious how will you handle utility payments for a potential ADU? Will you be able to separately meter the electricity, gas, water? Or will you plan to pay and charge tenants yourself? Or just include it in rent? I've never looked into adding a unit to a property and don't know how tough/possible it is for utility companies to separate new unit usage.

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