June 2nd 3rd Monthly Meet-up (5pm Eden Prairie Food Court)

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It's time for the 3rd South metro monthly meet-up!  We are meeting again at the Eden Prairie food-court.     We've done March, April, (skipped May -oops), and are going to hit it hard in June.

5pm - Eden Prairie Food Court.

Once we hit 15 people, I'll reserve us a room.

Same rules as last time.  

1. No commercials

2. Come prepared to share something that helped you in the last month related to investing.

3. No cover, buy your own food.

4. Goals, outcomes, accountability are all part of our discussions.

All are welcome!

DM me if you want more info.

Updated over 1 year ago

This meeting is on Sunday the 3rd, not Saturday the 2nd.

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