Looking for a high offer volume agent in the Twin Cities area

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My best advice is to find a mentor/advisor that you can run these things past since they will hopefully have the background to advise so you aren't spending time chasing things that won't help you achieve your goals.  I've met with over 50 individual/couples to teach them the financials of house hacking/investing in multi family properties and to answer questions.   It's not a long term thing but more of a one hour tutorial so they have the tools to move forward on their own.  Find someone local, buy them coffee, lunch or a beer and run all your questions by them and ask them to teach you what they are willing to share.

@Garrick S.  you've gotten the attention of some of the folks I've found to be the most knowledgeable and respected in the greater Minneapolis area.

I think what you are hearing is that the high volume offer approach will land you a certain type of property in Minneapolis. If you are OK with the options that @David Barnett laid out in order to get into some properties that may work for you. I'd be curious if there are any realtors in Minneapolis who already use the high volume offer approach for themselves. If there are, maybe a partnership would work since they are already OK with the low hit-rate and extra effort involved.

@Garrick S. I helped a cash investor submit 25 offers over a few weeks earlier this summer. Started with low-ball offers and quickly ended up at over-asking (with an inspection contingency). Went 0 for 25 on the MLS. Generally what I found is that anything with real potential under $300k typically goes highest and best within a few days. Lots of competition and low inventory in the Twin Cities market for investors and retail buyers alike. If you're willing to pay more than the list price (and the numbers still work) and are comfortable with no inspection contingency you might be able to win a few from the MLS.

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