Minneapolis property management

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Do you have a solid recommendation for property management companies in and around Minneapolis? Would love to hear from you and your experiences with great management companies and would love to hear any experiences that were less than great.

I have a few but have not had to use them personally as I’ve always managed my own here. Message me if you want info.

@Stephen G. Wolff , @Jordan Moorhead , thanks much! I currently do not live locally which is why I might not self-manage. However, I do have family in Minnesota and visit at least 2 times a year so I may start with self-managing to see how it goes. I'm looking into some online tools I can use to help tenants make rental payments and submit maintenance requests. Have you guys used any tools like that?

Hi Brian,

I would recommend VSM Real Estate (feel free to PM me and I can provide you with a fantastic contact there) for your property management needs.  Most of my network uses them for managing SFM and small multi-family properties.  I would also recommend you contact multiple property management companies so you can compare which ones fit your needs the best, so it never hurts just to simply chat with them.

All the best!