Investing in the Minneapolis Market

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Hi Everyone,

My name is Chad and I am a professional boxing promoter, which brought me to Minneapolis recently for a boxing show. While there, I really enjoyed my overall experience in the city and surrounding area. I liked it so much that I have become very interested pursuing real estate investments there as well as having more boxing shows in Minneapolis.

I have a lot of experience with (fix and flip, single and multi-family rentals) real estate in my home town of Washington, DC, but would like to pursue a few single family homes to hold as rentals for now, and eventually expand my scope of investments as I become more familiar with the market.

Any advice, turnkey opportunities to look at or agent referrals would be greatly appreciated.

Kind regards,

Chad N. Clinton
CNC Entertainment LLC

@Chad Clinton for an agent for investment properties, @Jordan Moorhead comes highly recommended from many in the MSP market. 

@Tim Swierczek is a standout option for a lender

IMHO some areas are already to hot or exploded, like NE Minneapolis, Uptown, South of 94 in Saint Paul. There's still a great bunch of small cities neighboring the TC's that are highly desirable. Most in TC investors focus on cashflow versus appreciation, unless some macroeconomics happen, appreciation will take years, (Most the time, always exceptions) you'll find most deals cashflow, when I open the MLS and run numbers most properties cashflow and have a good neighborhood.

@Chad Clinton I highly recommend you reach out to @Amber Gonion  to discuss options.  Amber has an incredible amount of experience in all aspects of managing properties and her husband Rick is excellent at finding value-add properties that others miss.  Knowing what I know I can't recommend them enough, they are perfect for your situation.

@Tim Swierczek   Thank you for the recommendation.  @Chad Clinton we are open to speak with you via phone or skype.  We are investors ourselves, my husband takes care of the purchase side and I take care of the management (or assist in self-management for those who choose to manage  themselves) side for our investors.