Please bestow your wisdom on a newbie

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Im interested in hearing about how each person started out investing in real estate, more specifically rental real estate. I want to know how you started out with your initial funds, was it a loan? Cash on hand saved from a job or other investments? What where your short comings and how did you better yourself? What did you want the end result to be?

@Joshua Appel I started out by study and reading books and analyzing different properties. I, unfortunately, had analysis paralysis for almost 2 yrs before I finally bought my first property with the cash I saved from my day job. Now I still have tonnes of stuff to learn after purchasing the property including building a team that I can depend on. One of the shortcomings I have experienced is that even though many talks about the BRRR strategy here, but it is difficult to execute if you don't have a good team line up since you are just starting out. Hopefully this helps

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