Getting back at it...

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So after an 8 month hiatus; I am back in the saddle.  Had to refocus on life for a bit and am now re-energized.

How is everyone's 2019 going?  I'm still at 14 doors with a 12 unit and 2 singles.

I am doing a both 1031 and launch a syndication in 2019.

Lastly, I hosted a free meet-up in 2018 for about 4 months.   What meet-ups have you found valuable here in MSP?

Hey Dave! Glad to hear your are back at it man.

2019 is good so far, in negotiations for an 87 unit deal.

Are you 1031'ing your 2 singles?

@Jake Stuttgen   Congrats on the 87 units!  Good luck!  That is awesome.

Thank you.  Yes I am 1031ing my singles as a package into a larger MF.

Hey @Dave Crussel BP does not allow us to post links to competitors like Meet up.  Message me and I'll send you my list

@Dave Crussel PS there is a good one coming up for Syndicators

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