Looking for a REI CPA for a meetup

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Hi everybody my business partner @Bjorik Mutize and I officially launched our real estate investor meetup with our first event last Monday! For our next event we were thinking of bringing in a CPA who deals with real estate investors. Does anybody have suggestions for a CPA they have used or a good company we could reach out to? Thank you all!

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Thanks @Tim Swierczek and @Jordan Moorhead for the recommendations.  I was on vacation and will be back in the office tomorrow.

@Daniel Anshus I can do one for you but I owe Jordan and his group some time as well.  My email is in my signature, feel free to reach out when you have time.  My office is located in Plymouth off hwy 169 and hwy 55 - we have a meeting room we could use if needed.



Originally posted by @Jordan Moorhead :

@John Woodrich late august work? We're booked out until then

That should work on my end but if we push it later maybe it will help some people answer any tax planning type questions they have? Say soon after our 10/15 deadline?  Let's talk offline.

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