Thinking of Investing in Minneapolis, any investors up for talkin

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I dont invest in MPLS proper, but I do invest quite actively in the surrounding area. 

With the market the way it is right now, it does take some patience to find a good deal. I'm still currently active, in fact, I have added more units to my portfolio then any other year, so deals are out there to be had.

I would always be happy to connect. I just discovered the local forum today and hope to attend some of the meetups.

@Andrew Smith  There's still opportunity but as @Derek Earl Burington said patience is key right now. Also crediting @Bruce Runn for "patience then pounce". Have your financing ready (if needed), get as clear as possible on what you are looking for and start networking while keeping your eye on the MLS.

When networking I think it's way easier for people to remember specific details about what you are looking for (i.e. Turnkey multi-family in Northeast). Basically you are helping them think of you the next time something comes across their plate that fits that description. Both the BP events page and meet-up are great places to find all of the RE groups around town. 

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