HELOC rates in Michigan

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Hi. I'm currently applying for a HELOC at 95% LTV with a 10yr draw and 20yr repayment for $54k. The rate is 8.01%.

I've called around to a bank and credit union. Neither would provide 95% LTV, but the rates were in line with the lender I'm currently going with at lesser LTVs.

I've had trouble finding other 95% LTV options and I do not want to submit my information all over the internet to simply get an answer on 95% LTV and rates.

Does this seem like a reasonable rate at those terms? I'm thinking it is and have started to move forward on it. Thought I would make my first post here and ask the experts.


@Kenneth Appel 8%+ is high for HELOC's even its NOO. Also 95% LTV is a lot of leverage and is not readily available in the marketplace. I'm in Michigan too. Let me know if I can make some introductions to my lending contacts.