Here's a file from the end of Dec that I thought I was going to try to cold call more. It's the water shutoff notices from Jan 2019 - Dec 2019. I thought I was going to concentrate on it more, but.... I just received another file more interesting for MPLS that I am going to focus on for cold calling.

This is 'good' as of the end of Dec. You will see duplicates in this for the same address/PID that are getting multiple shut off notices through the year....

Columns 'B' and 'C' are the notice type, and date sent. The 'shut off' notices, are the actual notice of them being kicked out of the home with a Category II condemnation.

Personally, I do not focus on Cat 2, I want the dates of the notice to model with before it reaches Cat 2. But a lead is a lead, so I track everything.

:) this is like throwing chum to a school of sharks, considering some of the people logged in here and the marketing budgets they have access to.

The 'share' link will be good until Sunday.