South Saint Paul, MN

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Any South Saint Paul residents in the house? Is it me or have the prices for small multifamily properties in South Saint Paul higher than places like Frogtown, Dayton's Bluff, North End and definitely Payne Phalen. I checked the livability index and other than scoring an F in education, other factors like amenities, cost of living, crime, employment and housing were ahead of the afore mentioned areas. What's the skinny about South Saint Paul from an investors standpoint? Maybe it's just me but from the outside looking in, I see blue skies.

I don't live in South Saint Paul, but my perception is that it feels more like its own community rather than a part of the metro area.  It just feels that way, even though it's not really true -  it's definitely within the metro sprawl and has very easy access to freeways and is about 10 minutes to downtown St. Paul and any major shopping retail centers.  The handful of people I know who live in South St Paul are very loyal to the city - they were raised there and stayed and their grown kids have stayed.  Again, this is just my perception, but I think that if you didn't grow up right in that area it's just not on people's radar.

It's a nice area.  Personally, I'd much rather live there than Frogtown or Dayton's bluff, which are a bit lower end.  I'm not too sure as far as investments go, since I know those areas can have decent rental potential.  I would certainly not be scared away from South Saint Paul.

We are currently seeking tenants for our property nearby there. South St Paul people tend to have an affinity for the area and often want to stay living nearby. The biggest thing I have seen is that a number of people I have spoken with do not want to leave the area. There is a tight community and some sort of magnetism that gets people back to the area. This helps with finding good renters in my opinion.

You have to remember that Frogtown, Dayton's Bluff, etc, are part of the actual city of St Paul. As a bonus to buying there, you get the higher taxes and rental regulations. South St Paul, on the other hand, is its own town. So you get a little more friendly local government than you might find in St Paul proper.

Yea South Saint Paul is definitely a more tight knit community that I don’t see changing too rapidly. Though more low end Frog town on the other hand seems like it’s changing for the better at a more rapid pace.

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