Rehabbed Duplex Value in 14609

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Anyone have insights into expected values for rehabbed duplexes in the 14609 zip? Between Webster and Culver specifically. Generally I'm seeing values trending toward 100sq/ft but know there has to be a cap considering higher sq footage units. I have a 2400sqft property that I'm about to kick off a rehab on and looking for comps to get an idea of what it may be worth after some work, or if the work is worth it at all. 

Any insight is greatly appreciated!

Hi @Joseph Colliu , I no longer live in the Rochester, NY Market however, am familiar with the area and overall ARV process.

ARV can change street by street let alone across an entire Zipcode. I would highly recommend hopping on an online platform to view past sold comps or better yet, find a local realtor who will pull a report for you. I like using Redfin but if not available in Rochester, is my next go to. Hone in on some properties nearest yours within the past 3-6 months to determine rough $ per sqft. as well as the level of rehab the local area can withstand.

Much more confidence inspiring to wrap your own head around appropriate ARV rather than banking on the opinion of someone else.