Bat problems, HELP PLEASE

4 Replies | Jackson, Mississippi

My tenant called me to let me know she's caught three bats coming out of the chimney in the last few weeks. I called a handful of extermination specialists, seems like no one is willing to come to the property for less than $250. So, I gave in. I paid a guy $250 to look at my house.

He quoted me $3,000 to shoo out the bats, and seal off any potential entry points. The $3,000 doesn't include cleaning up guano. I feel like that's ridiculously expensive. Does anyone know a vendor who can do it for less? Maybe a handyman could do it? Any help would be very much appreciated. 

Reminds me of a time me and a couple buddies went over to get them out of a friends house. We grabbed a broom and went to town. Few whiffs and a couple hours later they were gone for good LOL. 

The problem is the Chimney. You need to cap it with something so they cant get in.

We had bats living in a soffet on our front porch which is covered.  We filled the hole with insulation and covered the chimney with  wire mesh.  Haven't seen a bat in years.