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Robert G.
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New to Kansas City Market

Posted Jan 8 2022, 08:32

Hi Guys,

My business partner and I are prospective out of state real estate investors and have garnered an interest in Kansas City (we've also been keeping an eye on Birmingham, AL). We are both in our mid-20's and have steady careers in finance.

We are interested in purchasing a 1-3 single family homes throughout this year and are thinking about the usual BRRR method (i.e. buy, rehab, rent, refinance). At this point, we're attempting to get connected to a few realtors who are happy to work with us (vs. owner occupied) buyers and who can give us additional info on neighborhoods, schools and general Kansas City trends. We've done our fair amount of diligence but understand that realtors serving the area have a much better understanding.

Shoot me a message if you'd like to connect!

- Robert

Kansas City, Missouri

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