Is Kansas City a block by block city?

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As an out-of-stater, I've noticed that a lot of people on the Indy & St Louis forums mention that you really need to be careful in those cities - that there's a huge difference from 1 block to the next & you can easily make a bad investment by buying on the wrong block. I haven't noticed anyone saying the same thing about KC, but figured I'd ask. In KC is there also a huge difference from one block to the next or is KC not as much like that?

I would say it is, I own property in some of the "bad" zip codes, but that pocket of the neighborhood is fantastic. Also there are some pockets in good zip codes that I wouldn't walk around after dark. I would recommend connecting with a local investor and going over you specifics needs/wants. 

Let me know if I can help in anyway! 

In my opinion, short answer is yes. KCMO there is a lot of block by block neighborhoods. That being said I don't believe there is HUGE different most of the time, but certainly something you would need to see, and not just rule out an entire zip code. There certainly are some zip codes as a general rule to be very cautious in, but like @Brandon Holley mentioned, sometimes you can get your hands a good property in some of these zip codes.

@Eric P. we sell turn keys in both Indianapolis and Kansas City and know the neighborhoods well. I would say that Indy may be a little more block to block than Kansas City, but KC can be also. In Kansas City, we focus on the suburbs east of the 435 loop. These areas can definitely vary block to block but for the most part you'll find that they vary from B to C class neighborhoods. With rare exceptions, you won't find yourself in the hood in the suburbs around Raytown, Independence, Grandview and Belton. You'll find some areas are more working class than others. Most of the inner city is a whole different story. It doesn't vary from block to block at all. It's pretty much all rough. Feel free to reach out if you'd like more insight.

That is why I went to three other markets before coming to KC. I just did not have the boots on the ground that I could trust. I've been to the Promidade and just a block from that upscale place is total ghetto.