Lenders in KC Area

4 Replies | Kansas City, Missouri

I wanted to see if anyone has a recommendation or referral for lenders in the Kansas City area.  I am closing on my first flip in 2 weeks using private money.  I have access to some hard money at a decent rate, but wanted to see what other opportunities are out there for lending.  

Well there are a lot of Hard Money Lenders, but there are also a lot of Private Lenders out there, you might check out the local REIA meeting, I know there are usually 3 or 4 Hard Money, some with fairly decent numbers that just are not so Hard, there are also usually 3 or 4 private money lenders in attendance as well.

Next meeting of Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors is Tuesday June 14th and your first time is free if you register - website is www.MAREI.org.

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