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I'm an out of state investor looking at properties in KC.  Would like a local expert opinion on 64138 area ("Park Farms" I think it's called -pocket east of 435 / west of 350)?  

I own property in Colorado (also out of state for me as I live overseas) in what most would consider C- neighborhoods but have a great PM managing it.   

I am ok with less desirable neighborhoods but want to avoid conflict areas/high risk properties.  I've been told to avoid  66102, 64127 and 64130.  

Was told by real estate agent that 64138 = C+.  

Any locals willing to give opinions? 


64138 is better the closer you get to Raytown and lesser the closer you get to 435 - it is outside of the "urban core" loop.

oh yes and it has the added benefit that the areas that can send their kids to raytown schools, people who work for the city of KCMO must live in KCMO, but they don't want to send their kids to school there, so areas south of the river, in Kansas City Missouri with non-kcmo urban core schools, the better they rent and sell.

So there are several pockets of KCMO in and around Raytown that sell better, although they are on the east side of Raytown.

And if you figure out the good and bad KCMO schools it will help when buying houses as the worse the schools get, the worse the rentals get.

That's a fairly large geographic area so it can vary from neighborhood to neighborhood. Some areas are better than others but in general, there are no high risk areas like what you would find inside the loop. I don't think you can generalize and say that it is a C+ area. You'll find that the neighborhoods will range between B and C class. We've done a lot in these areas and know it well. I'd be happy to chat with you and share some insight if you'd like.

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