New to investing, starting in KC

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Hello everyone.  My husband and I are Kansas City natives, but living in Austin, TX.  We're wanting to make our first investment purchase in Kansas City.  We're familiar with the city, and getting familiar with current market conditions.  We're looking for something under 80K for a single family, preferably a little less so that we can do some rehabs on, or under 120K for a duplex.  Can anyone share recommendations on good areas for these budgets?  We're also looking for recs on a property management and real estate agent.

Why not 120 for a SFH and get basically the same rent as a duplex w/ less people or turnover and probably better appreciation?

From what I've seen, the rent on a 120 SFH would not be as much as a 120 duplex. The appreciation would probably be better because I'd be getting into better neighborhoods.

Look at the neighborhoods just west of Longview Lake. I think they are going to turn around. Currently they are 50k and less. Some a lot less for rehab reasons. Longview Road has nice new apartment complexes going up and a big city park. SFH rents are at $700. I am going drive for dollars tomorrow.

@Elizabeth Justice it will be hard to pin down a duplex not in a bad neighborhood for that amount. I would look North of the river ( I am 100% bias) in Gladstone or where 29 and 35 split.  West towards worlds of fun you will find houses like that but I personally avoid that area. Best of luck!

I’m a real estate agent in the area. I️ also invest and have several rental properties all in Johnson County Ks. I’d be happy to send you a list of available duplexes. Any idea if you want ks side or mo side?

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