Good investment oriented Electrician in Independence

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I am under contract on a fully occupied triplex in Independence, MO that the general inspector found some electrical issues with and some concerns regarding Knob and Tube wiring.   I only have a couple days left in the inspection period unless we request an extension so am in a hurry to get someone in there.

Does anyone have any recommendations for a good electrician in the Kansas City area that will service Independence?    The other recommendations I have been able to find for the area don't service Independence, so I am out of luck on those and would much prefer to work off a BP referral then something like Angies List.



Positive Ground Electric. I didn't personally use them, but Seller did to fix something quick and to code in a house of mine in Independence. The work they did came in a little under the price I got from some other bids.

Give Carl at Jackson County Electrical a call. He did some work on my property in KC north of the river. Treated me fair and was done quickly

Call My friend Bob Gilbert @ Butterworth Electric  He is well connected in Indep. Mo and should be able to help or point you in right direction. Tell me I sent you. 

Shockwave electric, ask for Virgil. Knob and tube! Pull it all out. Seriously. As they get vacant replace it all. Don't listen to the "oh it's fine and grandfathered in if you don't touch it" or "if it works why change it." No. Just no. Replace it. You own this property. Protect yourself and spend the extra money to bring it up to 2018 code. It is worth the piece of mind and will provide better service to your tenants. (knob and tube aren't grounded - so any outlet near a water source wouldn't have a GFI on it. Huge no no) 

Forgot the name of his company as he’s listed as electrician in my phone heh but he does mine in independence. He also does work for my buddy who’s does 100’s of houses that’s where I got the referral.

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