AirBnB Demand/Thoughts Waldo Area (KC MO)

2 Replies | Kansas City, Missouri

Someone here has to be doing the AirBnB thing in in KC..... would love to chat and pick your brain, maybe even partner. 

Thinking about switching over to this model, but being out of state have some questions about how check in/out is handled and how you furnished the place. The house itself is unique in the sense that it's a 2/1.5 with large den (that could really be a bd room) and a seperate garage apartment thats a 1/1 w/ kitchen etc. They share the same meter so pain to rent separately but, good for this I guess.

@Matt K. We have done a few AirBnB's here in KC as well as managing plenty of standard rentals.  

Shoot me a note and we can talk more about what you are looking at.  Waldo is a great spot for long-term rentals and above average for Airbnb.