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Did you guys hear about the law that passed in Missouri (healthy homes measure)? Basically the state will inspect all rental homes for mold, rodents ect? The landlords pay a fee for the inspections. Any other states have this? How will it affect landlords? 

you should really not listen to post on here without doing your own investigation. This is Kcmo inspection similar to independence. It amounts to nothing unless your a slumlord. If you are you should be **** down anyway. Small repairs will turn into big ones. Smarter & easier to fix them now than later.

I been through indep. Inspections with now problems. 


The state has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Currently, all landlords must register rentals and all owners must register vacant property in Kansas City Missouri.  At no cost, just go online and register.  This has been in place for 10 years.

The new ordinance that passed Tuesday does not yet have all the kinks worked out.  I would advise following posts from MAREI or Landlords Inc to be updated of this regulation as it progresses.  Will it be instead of current regulations or in addition to current regulations?

we don't yet know how or where you register, just that it will cost $20.

Your unit can be inspected only upon complaint, but we are not sure if that is just the tenant or if anyone can lodge a complaint.  Or the Director is going to have random inspections, we don't know how that will work yet either.

If at inspection, the inspector finds any problems (were not sure what their inspection checklist looks like as of yet) but they are doing it for free), and a reinspection is required the reinspection will cost $150.  

The way I understand it, this is a registration per rental unit, no per building - so 12 plex, 12 registrations.  I might be wrong on that.  

If you google Landlords Inc you can find their site, we can't post links and from there you can read the ordinance and their FAQs that outline what they think it will look like.

Note we understand that Gladstone has an registration and inspection, so does Independence and we learned today that Grandview has had one since 2009 that they have not enforced and they are having a meeting to improve it, and to create HUGE fines to enforce it.