Looking for a honest plumber in KC

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I have a slow leak under a bathtub in a loft, although State Farm is handling the claim, the asked me to have a plumber come out and look/stop the leak. Tenants are ok, very cooperative. My deductible is $500 so it makes sense to explore options. Any strategy/advice for this situation or can you recommend a plumber you have dealt with who was honest. Thanks!

I have used All-n-One Plumbing (eight 1 six 8 eight six 2902) on my rentals and flips and found them to be fair and reasonable. Also realtor clients have used them as well.

I use Wildwood Home Services for items such as this, though, because he can repair leak plus repair sheet rock and restore area to pre-damaged condition. (Eight 1 six five 1 7 8250)

I have called Snake 'n' Rooter a couple of times, for my residence, and been happy with the service.

The first time was when I first moved in, to replace a leaking main shutoff valve, and the bathroom tub/shower valve.  The bathroom job turned into more work, because of the way the old valve was installed, but he stuck with it and got it fixed.  Both of those repairs have been going strong for 10+ years now.

The second time was more recently, to snake out the main sewer line, starting in the basement.  I was having backups and there turned out to be tree roots in it.  The snake fixed the problem for a few years; I rented my own snake and did it again when the roots came back.

I don't get any money from Snake 'n' Rooter.