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Hello everyone I am 24 fully employed and working side gigs but interested and currently looking to acquire my first rental home. It be my first attempt to enter into the world of real estate so any help or connections would be awesome! Also does anyone know of any real estate meet ups happening in the near future, would love to buy someone coffee or a beer and pick your brain!

Thanks and best of luck to all,

Shane Adams

@Shane Adams congratulations! I’m so glad that you posted. Happy to make some introductions for you. 

FIBI of Kansas City is a great one.

I can send you the link in a DM

Bridge RE also has a large meetup

@Shane Adams ,

I am so glad to here that you are interested in Real Estate going forward and Kansas City is such a great market to get involved in. I have been buying and selling houses in the Kansas City area for the last 8 years for other companies and just recently went out on my own. I know that the MAREI meet ups and other groups are a great way to meet people and get started. My biggest advice for you is to keep your ears open there are plenty of challenges out there and many ways to handle each you just need to think what is best for you. Please reach out if you have some questions and I will try to get back to you asap.

David Rudaitis

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Shane,  Mid-America Association of Real Estate Investors meets on the 2nd Tuesday, next meeting is August 13th its on the calendar here.  We will be talking wholesaling - and the main components of wholesaling are - finding the deal, analyzing the deal and negotiating the deal, what you do with it after that wholesale it, rehab it or rent it is up to you.

There are also numerous events small and large, you could hit a couple every week.

Those events hosted by a local Landlord Association or member of MAREI in the pic below

Thank you all for the responses and the fairly comprehensive list! I am looking forward to getting to brush elbows with all of you at one of these events in the near future!