Cap cover for the gas furnace flue on the roof

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Hi all!

Does anyone have any cost estimation for that? (install a cap cover for the gas furnace flue on the roof)

The PM has it is on HVAC guy, that asks for 425$, but it sounds a bit expensive.

Recommendation for a great HVAC in the area (KS MO 64138), also will be highly appreciated!

Thank you very very much!

Insane !!! I think the last double flue cap I put on was $125 & 20 mins work. But my roof access was an easy attic area walk-out BUT some peaked roofs with side chimneys are dangerous to access.


@Idan Narotzki

Hi Adan, installing a new cap is not a difficult task if you are ok with heights. There should be a stamp with the manufacturer on the flue pipe. Once you know the manufacturer you can look up the price online. Most caps are inexpensive should be under 100. Dollars.

They sound expensive but they still have to come out, find the brand try to find the part and go back and install it.

The install should be pretty straight forward usually they twist and lock on or could be a couple of screws.

Hope this helps


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