Need projects or cash flow

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I just found out that I am going to need an extra $2k a month, or an extra $25k set aside in about a year... So, when life makes demands, you get creative.  If anyone has any ideas, projects, part time work, etc they need help with, I am looking to fill that gap somehow.  We will be cutting costs where we can, but that wont cover the entire gap by a long shot.

I am good with numbers, manual labor, and I have a fair amount of DIY experience.  Let me know if I can help your project in any way.

Your need isn't relevant to the people that would have business for you. Reword your post around the value and services that you provide and you will likely get a better response. "Knowledgeable and experienced handyman immediately available in St Louis. Good work done quickly on your schedule..." or something like that.

I am sorry to hear about your need though, and I appreciate that you're looking to do work to fill the gap. Best of luck.

Wish I had a project for you!  Ever consider doing flips?  Sounds like you might have the right stuff for this!


@Michael D. Good advice. 

@Eric Castelli   Yes, I have definitely considered this.  However, it is a daunting task the first time.  Haven't pulled the trigger on anything like that yet.

Let me rephrase:

Experienced handyman available outside of the standard workweek.  Let me take care of the projects you don't have time for.  Minor electrical, plumbing, yard work, and even finish woodwork.  Based in Dogtown, I can be in most of STL in 20 minutes.  Let me know if I can help you.

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