St. Louis help for referral agent Realtor and Title Company

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Good morning

Recently put in a very low offer on a small brick home in St. Louis and it was accepted. The auction company is offering a 1.5% agent commission which is only going to come out to about a whopping $150 but its a free $150 if someone is an agent here in St. Louis and would like for me to list them. I need to send out my vesting info and agent info today. 

Secondly looking for a referral for a title company there with decent closing fees; I have to pay buyer and seller closing costs on this deal and some in TN and GA will charge less if both use the same title company; unsure about this in MO but please any investors let me know who you use.

I did drive by the property a few weeks ago when I was there and the outside looks decent and the neighborhood looked occupied which was good; it's just a small 900 sq ft brick ranch. After closing and I get inside I will probably look to wholesale it but if it only needs maybe just paint and cleaning I might do a rental if I can find someone there to manage it if that area is ok for rentals. Don't know much about the St. Louis market. The area is called "Castle Point". 

Thanks in advance.

I just closed on several properties with Tracy Singler at Title Partners Agency for Escrow...the smoothest deal I've ever done.

Wish you the best.

I sent you a PM Let me know if there is any thing else I can help with.

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