Omaha Neighborhoods recommendations

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My wife and I have been looking into Omaha as our first US market to invest in (we're from Canada). 

Would love to hear any recommendations on neighborhoods to checkout/avoid and how the market is in general.

@Tyler Pearce it truly depends on what you want.  High-end, high return, multi units, etc.  Single family rentals are most effective in Midtown Omaha.  Multi-units with good walk score or near hospitals.  I like to call Omaha the "bond market" of real estate.  We may not be flashy, but you steadily make money here!

What type of investing, asset class, property, tenants, neighborhood and ROI are you looking for? There are investors in every part of every city, so we will need to know more about your goals and preferences before we can advise on what would work best for your situation.

I used to own a home in Millard I bought new in 2007 for $150,000 today its worth about $250,000 . I guess it appreciated almost 3% a year I remember the taxes along with the school tax was over $3000 a year .   14948 H St   good neighborhood  Eric Crouch NEB quarterback used to live on the block @Tyler Pearce

Thanks for the info guys. We would be looking at BRRRR-ing many single families in b/c class neighborhoods where we could recoup most of our cash after renos & refinancing with a positive cashflow ($200+ net).

We're still looking into the financing & legal options we have here from Canada to see if this even feasible.

I also am looking to start putting my cash generated from an online business I own to good use in Omaha.  I have lived here for nearly 20 years, and the city is segmented into very understandable sections.  I am looking at Midtown for single-family and I think those properties cash flow pretty nicely because they are so cheap but are near some pretty large medical facilities and the University of Nebraska-Omaha.