Sleezy sales pitches

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I just wanted to share my frustration with people who try to pitch ideas, or sell you some crap using techniques described in books,

it is such a turn off and cause me to just stop listening the first second I hear crap flowing out someone's mouth,.

one thing that drew me to real estate was of course rich dad poor dad. However, I did not ever see how people could hop onto sales marketing and be a sleazy salesman drawing others into a something trying to use lingo that just sounds unusual and doing things to build a "data base," stuff like that pretty sure if you're just real with someone you'll go a lot farther than trying to use persuasion techniques on someone that knows about your persuasion techniques,.... huh makes me sick,

Don't get me started on amway people, those are the worst and most pushy people I've ever met, and so far,

I'm noticing more and more of those personality types in real estate, they aren't there to help you they are there to fuel your hopes, and there to ramble on for hours to push their objective into you, huge turnoff! Just like all those terrible seminars that pitch you stuff to buy and you see the people they prey upon, those seminars are only good to meet others

If you're a cheesy salesman/ "Fentor"(fake mentor) don't string people along and waste their time pushing your objective on them

I just hope real estate doesn't get as bad as amway

I'm working on becoming a real estate agent and already hating people in sales cause of how fake they are, but guess I'll make that my niche to keep it ūüíĮ

Many people are drawn into real estate sales for the wrong reasons.  Many are strapped for cash just scraping by to make the rent.  Unfortunately, this can lead to agents that don't live up to their fiduciary duties.

One of the other elements that I am annoyed with are the guru seminars.  Like you, I feel like many people are being taken advantage of.  @Jonathan Hammann it looks like you are able to spot them, so just keep your eyes open.  As long as there are people who focus on getting rich quick, there will be other people there to take advantage of them.  

Well said, Phillip Dwyer , those guru seminars are mind blowing, what's even worse is the people who eat it up. I guess the excitement of becoming rich and it's easy and everyone can do it just stops people from thinking reasonably.

Jonathan  Real Estate guru seminars are born out of MLM.. its the exact same techniques instead of selling soap they are selling dreams and  education..

there is huge money In the guru business and selling information that others don't have and or don't want to put in their apprenticeships to learn.

And for whatever reason real estate hits  a cord with many that this is a way to financial freedom and quit your day job etc.. nothing could be further from the truth..

a successful career as a RE agent broker is a lot of work and takes years.. to be a successful investor you usually need to be successful in your day job so you earn and save money so you can buy investment grade RE... simple as that.

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