Help me get the smell out..

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So I'm flipping a house in Long Island, NY. House had been abandoned for couple of years.
When we first went in.. House had this horrible smell. So threw everything out and gutted the whole house to the stud.  we had realized that racoons got behind the wall and made a nest. There was feces all over the place and racoon urination on the insulation.

Smell is lot less but its still lingering little bit.  it feel like its coming from some  of the studs.. (maybe).

Any idea, whats the best way to get rid of this smell for good ?

Another suggestion: hire someone to fog the affected studs with professional deoderizer/sanitizer after you have removed all of the old insulation which has to be replaced. When I had a mouse infestation behind the walls with heavy mouse urine smell, I hired a cleaning pro who had a professional thermal fogger who used steri-fab/ sporocidin and eliminated the smell. You need to neutralize the urine to remove the odor and sanitize it as well since there were pests there doing their business. A fogger hits all of the surfaces quickly, dries quickly because its not a moisture saturating fog and you can then close up the walls once you confirm the smell is gone. Or DIY, you can use "Natures miracle" spray which is sold at retail stores which is an enzyme based cleaner that works great on urine and will break down the ammonia (and strong associated urine smell) in urine that makes it pungent. I dont recommend covering the studs with paint until youve sprayed or fogged those studs... Otherwise you just cover things up and risk not doing so effectively. good luck!

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