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Hello - I'm looking for a recommendation for a RE attorney in Hudson County. I just placed an offer on a property in Bayonne and it got accepted. What is the average price they charge? 

Thank you in advance.

How's it going....I'm just getting started myself investing in RE. I can't really point you to any direction. I would look up some attorneys online and make some phone calls and compare rates. If you find a good attorney, send the info over because I'm looking to buy my first property soon. 

Forgive me for not being much help. Hope everything works out. 

in Bayonne as a standard practice most of attorneyes charge $1200 on closing, if due to any reason contract cancelled, then they don't charge.

Hi @Hany Berhan ...would you like to share...what is how many family if multi unit, tax , income expected and purchase price, built year etc?

@Brandall Cury I appreciate your input. I'll let you know what I find.

@Raj G. Thats good to know. I figured the same. I was think between $1000 - $1500. Thanks

I have only completed one closing in Hudson County. We used Corrado & Martella - Nick Corrado was the attorney.  They did a good job, and Nick has taken a couple calls from me in the years since that didn't turn into billable hours.  It was too long ago to give you the cost, but I think the other ranges mentioned are appropriate.

Alexander Locatelli is my lawyer for all local RE transactions. Located in West New York.

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