Separately Metering Tenant Water Jersey City

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Hi All,

I am closing on a duplex next week in Jersey City NJ.

I would like to add a water meter for the upstairs apartment.

I will have a plumber establish that the plumbing is done with two separate risers and it can be split/metered individually.

I don't want to be the only landlord in the are having the tenant pay the water themselves.

But I would prefer for my expenses to be constant every month.


-In Jersey City is it permissible to meter the water in apartments individually?

-Are other landlords in Jersey City metering the water in their units individually and having their tenants set up and pay their own water bill?

Any help that you guys could offer would be greatly appreciate.

Check with the city if this is possible before you spend money on plumbing. I am Newark NJ, one town over and you cannot  do that here. Each unit has to be separately titled to have its own water meter.

The units you are revering to are likely condo conversions.

I spoke to the water company (Suez) technician about separately metering for our owner-occupied 3 family, and he told me in JC it's not possible. One meter per plot/title.