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Hey fellow ABQians, I am brand new (sorry about the lack of photo, I will get on that soon) to the world of RE investing. Just want to say hi and see what networking opportunities folks around here use. Any BP meetups happening in ABQ? I'm fairly new to the area and would like to meet others!

@Brock Wiberg Welcome to BP! I was just in ABQ in May and absolutely loved it. Definitely looking to invest there. Let me know if you find any neighborhoods that cash flow, and I'll gladly help out if you are ever interested in So Cal. 

Thanks much. I actually have a brother near LA (Ontario). How is the market over there?

I'll let you know what I find. Having only looked over a few dozen listings in much detail I am not seeing too many properties that pass the 1% rule. There are a lot of rental properties in the NW where I am looking so I may have to adjust my strategy. Too early to tell. Any tips on getting access to the MLS? It is tough to run realistic numbers without being able to pull accurate comps.

Since you said NW area, it's a pretty varied area...

I'd bet there are some in the valley that would cash flow, but a bit tougher to rent I'd think.  Some nearer to the university or downtown might cash flow... from taylor ranch to nearing rio rancho, I have no idea.  homes are cheaper, and I've seen people move here and rent on that side, and then regret it...

ABQ as a whole is a good place to rent since so few properties pass that 1% rule

Hello, my name is Gian Chaves, welcome to BP. There are definitely areas here that are great for real estate investing. I am newer to investing as well. I would love to meet up for some coffee some time to chat about Real Estate.

Hello Brock, I would love to meet up and chat about real estate with you.  I met with a BP member,  @David Torres, today and I gained a lot of valuable information from him.  Maybe @Gian Chavez, David Torres, you, and I can all meet up for coffee sometime to network.  I have been searching BP for more fellow ABQ investors. Maybe we can form a BP group!! :)

I am totally down for that. I did a lot of looking myself here on BP and while I have met some great folks I was surprised at how few from this area seem to be on here. I have been meaning to track down some REIA meetings but haven't as of yet. If you want to pick a time and place I'll try to make it!

Hello all experienced real estate investors near Albuquerque, NM. We now have a new BP Mastermind Meetup Group: http://www.meetup.com/Bigger-Pockets-New-Mexico-Re...

Next meeting Jan. 2 at my new vacant rental house. I'll discuss what my strategy is for the house, and then we'll all discuss our "Haves and Wants", success and failure stories, past and present deals, vendor referrals, strategies for 2016, the current state of the rental and sales markets, and more. You must be a Meetup.com member to RSVP and get the address...see the link above for all the details. The date is Saturday, January 2nd, at 10am near Eubanks and Lomas in northeast Albuquerque. If interest continues, we'll do it every month at the same time.