Rental Due Diligence - Neighborhood Review

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I'm looking at a couple deals on rentals in Albuquerque.  I'm not at all familiar with the area.  Can anyone give feedback on the areas? 

1) SFR on Edith Blvd in Northeast Valley (according to google maps). About 1.5 miles south of Hwy 423. Unincorporated.

2) SFR on east side of Lomas Blvd & Hwy 556. Some really nice looking houses in this area.

Trying to do our due diligence.  Appreciate the help!

From my limited understanding of the city Albuquerque is a street to street call on quality of the area.  It might be a decent idea to drive through the area in person.

@Alecia I’m about 10minutes from Edith at the moment.

I can swing by and take some pictures of the area if you want to share the cross street and/or address you are looking at.

I would also suggest looking on the web for more info. Crime stats can be found at and school info at Both of those will help with determining if the area is suitable for your needs.

I live in abq. I would agree with Aaron that it is really a street to street call. I like the lomas and tramway area (2nd area). My personal risk tolerance would prohibit me from looking at most things west of I-40 except for farther north.

@Alecia Bolton I work down on Edith depending on where the SFR is will depend on the area. if the SFR is in the Vista del Norte Neighborhood then it is in a nice area, that is a small pocket of nice houses in an industrial area. but once you pass Osuna going south on Edith you begin to see more homeless people and the houses are more run down. I hope this helps. please IM me if you have more questions.