I bought a nice 3/4/finished basement in the Belmont section of the Bronx back in 2013 for 385K.  To get a similar house in today's market in the Bronx it would cost about 650-700K.  I have been looking at Mt. Vernon and Yonkers on Zillow etc., and it looks like you can get still a good sized 2 fam in decent shape for under 400K, and a nice renovated 2 fam for under 500K...  3 fams under 600K.  Taxes are a bit higher (9K a year vs 3 K a year), but rents for 1, 2, and 3 BRs seem to be the same as in the Bronx.

Do any investors on BP have rental properties in Mt. Vernon or Yonkers?  Are units as easy to fill as in the Bronx, or do you deal with more vacancy?   Any insight on buying second home in Mt. Vernon or Yonkers vs. staying in BX and paying more?